Computer Monitoring Software 1.0.0

Computer Monitoring Software 1.0.0: Computer monitoring software to monitor every activity of network or local PC. Reporter are as follows:- Screenshot To provide you details about what your employee or child is doing on the computer, Activity Reporter will continuously take snapshots of every activity performed on the computer screen. These screen snapshots can be recorded as specified time interval or on every mouse click. Keystroke Activity Activity Reporter will capture all keystrokes typed on PC, in case sensitivity. Activity Reporter not only records standard

SQL Backup Status Reporter 1.0.925.0: See which backups have run and understand if they are full, differential, or log
SQL Backup Status Reporter 1.0.925.0

Reporter provides a graphical view of your latest SQL database backups including the type of backup and date and time completed. SQL Backup Status Reporter provides a graphical view of your latest SQL database backups including the type of backup and date and time completed. SQL Backup Status Reporter provides a graphical view of your latest SQL database backups including the type of backup and date and time completed. SQL Backup Status Reporter

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Network Inventory Reporter 1.62: Draw up an inventory of your software and hardware.
Network Inventory Reporter 1.62

Reporter can identify and list all computers on the network and connect by computer name or IP address. Using Network Inventory Reporter System Administrator in the Network Inventory Reporter will receive the following hardware and software inventory data: Domain Role, Operating System, Computer Manufacturer, Computer Model, Processor, Motherboard, On Board Device(s), BIOS, Physical Memory, Video Controller, Desktop Monitor, Floppy Disk Drive, Disk

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Earnhardt Hijackers Trojans RAT Reporter 1.2.03

Reporteris a service that detects and rapidly disables Internet Phishing or Spoofing attacks designed to steal critical financial data. Earnhardt Hijackers Trojans RAT Reporter utilizes the collective observations of Internet users plus a very rapid submission and update system to short-circuit new scams. Earnhardt Hijackers Trojans RAT Reporter works with Microsoft Internet Explorer to warn before you visit a known malicious site. Remove spyware

reporter, hijackers trojans rat reporter, trojans

IntelliVIEW Dashboard Reporter 4.0: Create, interpret & extend reports and analyze report data in real-time!
IntelliVIEW Dashboard Reporter 4.0

Reporter heralds a new era in web-based enterprise reporting where end-users can create, interpret and extend their reports or analyze report data in real-time with no IT overhead. IntelliVIEW Dashboard Reporter allows business users to visualize their data and effectively monitor business performance without adding to IT overhead, and with little or no training. IntelliVIEW Dashboard Reporter achieves this in a way that does not require cost & time

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Plus One Reporter 1.0: View the Google Plus +1 count and popularity for a bulk list of URLs.
Plus One Reporter 1.0

Plus One Reporter is a powerful tool to view the Google Plus +1 rank and count for a bulk list of URLs. Easily report and track the popularity of your social networking links on Google+. Plus One Reporter allows you to import an XML sitemap, text file, or any file containing a list of URLs to instantly report on their Google Plus +1 button count rank and popularity. Save your Google+ +1 count report as HTML, CSV, or text. Track results over time!

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NetWrix Change Reporter Suite : IT infrastructure compliance auditing: who changed what in AD, VMware, servers
NetWrix Change Reporter Suite

Reporter Suite is an all-in-one auditing solution that tracks and reports all types of changes across multiple platforms and systems. The Change Reporter monitors who changes what, when, where, and reports full change details, such as what was deleted, added, modified, what the previous and new values of modified settings. The Change Reporter Suite detects changes in Active Directory, Group Policy, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, VMware

compliance, change auditing, compliance audit, who changed what and when

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